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HOMY provides online homes

Have your own home on the internet and in the metaverse. Homy bridges the gap between digital and analogue, between online and offline within minutes with worldwide impact.
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Lets meet several needs: Homy: Gives you an instantly available web site with all included. | Provides your own and self created online identity relevant for all aspects of life: Private, business, virtual, secure. | Gives privacy into your own hands without efforts or required knowldege. | Unifies and simplifies digital for users; no changes required |
Such home page is your personal gateway where people can precisely find you, where visitors can connect with you the way you prefer and it is the most comprehensive broadcast channel for influencers, VIPs and everyone who loves to "Hello world ..!" | Want to give your pet it´s own online space? Or a place, an event, your products: Simply give anything an ID inclusive home!

Use cases & USPs

Business & marketing: Your meaningful and catchy name makes people find and respond intuitively faster.
Geo relevance : Combine your Talking Name with a location, a city and region before and after: Paris, Venice, Miami, Dubai, Sidney, Black Sea, Cape Town, Interconti Samui, ...
Social relevance : Address audiences, followers and users by their names and get ultra close: Real names, avatar, nick and user names, even numbers are okay.
Brand positioning : Your brand name in the perfect keyword context gives higher click rates. Brandless branding helps boosting your brand power.
Meeting needs : Create digital homes for unique and personal on/offline lifestyles. Showcase your personal brand, your products, places and events, your pet, your art, your speeches and videos, ... at a single place with just your name.

Homy in news & media

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Crunchbase : Homyapp
Google Play Store : Homy = homyone
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Pinterest : Show me Homy
Instagram : Homy inspirations
Google : > 7 M Homy hits
Youtube : Broadcasting homying stories

Homy intro

Always wanted to have some property? Of course! On the internet and in the metaverse it became super easy. Homy makes it even ultra easy and that affordable so that Xtr partner offer it even free of charge for members, prime customers, subscribers, and affiliated individuals. Your property with your name, your virtual realty for places, events. Your digital address for your pets and things, your chalet and yacht. There are no limits to set a very own name w/o Homy for anyone and anything anywhere.

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Homy sources

Xtr.Name is the provider of Talking Names. Homy is for anyone who want to have a brief profile page in addition to the name. Names and Homys are accessible on the internet and in the metaverse in 193+ countries by any internet connected device with web browser.

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Homy experiences & stories

Digital simplified for everyone became reality. Setting up time of a self created name: 90 seconds. Setting up a Homy page starts from 60 seconds and depends on the subscribed package. Now your contacts can choose how to contact you as you provide the world with all ways, be it phone number or just email address, be it chat name or your personal video meeting room. All brands are allowed: Line, Messenger, WeChat, Telegram, Threema or more exotic ones. All platforms and phones are included as well: Apple iPhone users, Android tablets. Even printed your name shows how advanced you are.

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Homy advantages & benefits

Ultra findable on the internet. Why? Your relevant keyswords are just behing your name ( Talking Names are unique, cannot be copied or trasnfered without your permission. Therefore they are your personal asset or even of public value of you are a VIP or own places and events of publcic interest.

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Homy for business

Marketing with Homy

Want to become an ad partner or have more ways to market this brand name?

How Homy makes money

Distribute digital services under their own brand. | Run ads on the Xtr network.

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Homy news stream

Xtr is full of ideas and innovations making digital easy and practical fun. Join our news channels where we share our and other newsrooms, hacks, deals and influential posts, audios, videos and live streams.

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